About Kirinji and his mallet of DOOM!
Name: Steve Brokenshire
Occupation: Student / Artist / Upgrading Computers
Weapon: Mallet of DOOM!

So, explain a bit about yourself: Well, I'm somewhat a small person (not sure if 5' 5" counts for being small though ^^;). I am currently studying for a National Diploma for Computing at Cornwall College St. Austell having been to and survived secondary education (it was hell, especially in the last year). I currently live in the town of St. Austell in Cornwall. (The Valley of Doom as one of my friends called it).

What made you want to become an artist? It all started about four years ago (at the time of rewriting this webpage) when I saw someone who was about the same age as me drawing and I learned how to draw from watching her. So at around Christmas 1999 I decided to have a go (and colour it in as well ^^;) and I show the picture to her and she was impressed with it so I began to draw more from then onwards. ^_^

So what other things is Steve interested in then? Well, I do a bit of computing related stuff (such as adding components to my computers) and listening to music from the past (since it's much better than the rubbish which is currently being produced) from groups like Pet Shop Boys, Air, Madness and Right Said Fred. I also listen to a bit of Japanese and Korean pop ^_^.

What mediums does Steve use then?

Drawing:Basic HB Pencil, Standard High Street Drawing Pad
Inking:Basic 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5 fine-liners
Colouring:The GIMP / Inkscape

What computers and attachable gadgets has Steve got?


Had Since:April 1999
Motherboard:PC-Chips M590 (Oh dear. -_-)
CPU:233Mhz Cyrix MII
L1 Cache:64KB Level 1 Internal Cache
L2 Cache:1MB Level 2 External (Motherboard) Cache
Disk Space:Quantum Fireball EX3.2A 3GB
VGA:8MB Onboard AGP 1x/2x (SiS 6326/3D PRO AGP)
CD-ROM Drive:52x Unbranded (which sort of works >_>;;)


Had Since:6th May 2004 (well, first switched on ^_^;)
Motherboard:Abit NF7 v2.0 nForce2
CPU:AMD Athlon XP Barton 2500+ (1.83Ghz)
L1 Cache:128KB Level 1 Internal Cache
L2 Cache:512KB Level 2 Internal (on CPU) Cache
Disk Space:Maxtor 6E040LO IDE (40GB)
VGA:256MB GeForce 7800 GS (AGP 8x)
OS:CentOS 4.x
DVD-ROM Drive:16x DVD-ROM/48x CD-ROM drive.


64MB USB Memory Stick (NTFS, Compressed)
128MB USB MP3 Player / Memory Stick
USB Graphics Tablet
USB Playstation/Nintendo 64 Controller Adaptor
USB CD-RW Drive (52x24x52 at USB 2 / 12x4x12x at USB 1.1)
Serial Scanner (Canon CanoScan FB 630P)
Serial Printer (Canon BJC-250 - Old, but does the job with inking ^_^;)

So... what's the future bringing for Steve? I don't really know to be honest what I'll be doing in the future. Basically if anything does happen in the future I'll just have take it head on and just try and prepare for it.

Steve.... Pot Noodle or Pot Rice? Pot Rice! what else? ^__^
© 2002 - 2010 Steve Brokenshire