The artwork of Kirinji
Well, this is my artwork corner, usually art of every section on this page has the most recent art at the top and the older artwork at the bottom with the even older artwork being available by simplying click on the link with the year you want below. As a general rule of thumb, the older you go, the more bad the artwork will get. ^_^

Coloured Artwork
Catgirl Beach Catgirl Tablet Exprimentation (Catgirl) Yuriko's Demons (Colour) Cornish Mad Hatter Kirinji Bleargh Even More Catgirl Posing (Colour) Catgirl Balcony (Colour) Catgirl Fight (Colour) Summer Catgirl (Colour) Catgirl Cliffhanger Catgirl in outside in the thunderstorms Blob at Dawn Catgirl Posing (yet again) (Colour) Catgirl Standing (colour) Catgirl Clothing Exprimentation - Outgoing/General Clothing (Colour) Oekaki: Catgirl Close up Catgirl Archery (colour) Catgirl Pirate (Colour) Artwork for Chloe (colour) Catgirl Heroine at an angle Catgirl heroine and the Mallet of DOOM! in colour Oekaki: A Girl Chibi Catboy Lamplady! Catgirl 2! Catgirl! Comic Girl! Kirinji (in colour form ^_^;;;)
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Pencil Drawings / Lineart / Grayscale Oekaki
Sad Millenia Drunk Millenia Millenia Catgirl... because Kiri couldn't call it anything else Catgirl Snowboard The IBA Demon Catgirl in the Foreign Legion MaxRabbit and Yuriko Catgirl Tablet Exprimentation Kirinji's Pad 2nd Anniversary Catgirl Rooftop Catboy Knight and Catgirl General Body Drawing Catgirl Mage Yuriko's Demons Oekaki Tablet Testing Random Girl Christmas 2003 Catgirl Christmas Catgirl in the Sky Catgirl casting Dark Matter Elf Attacks Catgirl Quiche and Sushi Even More Catgirl Posing Catgirl Protection Catgirl Beach Catgirl Balcony Catgirl Expressions Catgirl Moonlight Catgirl Rollerskating
Archive by year: 2004 2003 2002
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