About the catgirl...
Catgirl (the site mascot ^^) Who is the site's mascot?
My site's mascot is an catgirl. She has long red hair and has a teal tail with an bell attached. Most of the time she likes wearing any top which has an teal colour and trousers which are blue.

Where has the catgirl come from/where does she live?
I don't know where she came from, but she entered this planet with a garden shed. I wanted a new garden and then she and garden shed crashed landed into my garden and it started from there. Since then she has been living in my flat. ^_^

Is she friendly?
Of course she is! ^_^ (well, most of the time, when she doesn't start throwing me around the flat, just because I upset her for no reason. >_>;;;)

What does she eat and drink?
She eats a lot of fresh fruit and vegatables with a bit of fast food at some times as well. What she drinks is mainly Pure Orange Juice since it's good for her ^^.
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