About Kirinji's Pad...
So, what is Kirinji's Pad?
Kirinji's Pad is the home of Kirinji. It mainly contains my artwork and my opinions. It is hosted on Anime.org.uk, the UK home of all things Anime and Manga. Well, how long has this site been up and running for?
It's been up and running since the start(-ish) of June 2002.

How do I navigate through this website?
Navigating through this website should be easy, each of the sections are at the top and can be accessed through clicking on them, then in the artwork section click on the thumbnail you want to view the artwork in full and in the opinion section click on the article you want to view. You can get back to the section you were in by simply pressing the back button in your browser.

Why is it when I type in www.kirinji.anime.org.uk/opinion or www.kirinji.anime.org.uk/artwork it shows an error message saying that directory browsing is not allowded?
This is because they do not re-direct to the default file for viewing. This should be fixed, but I do not wish to bother with it because it annoys spiders and crawlers since they cannot go and collect information about my pages.

Ummm... why do some of the images in your artwork section have a 'PNG' stuck on them?
This is two reasons for this, first, when I've done quite a bit of detail on certain piece of artwork that it need to be exported to the PNG format instead of the JPG format because the JPG compression will mess it up. Secondly, not all browsers (espically the old ones) do not support the PNG format and so may display incorrectly to those browsers viewing that page. (really, it's a warning for you not to click it).

Errrr.... why is your opinion section very "static"?
Well, it's because I don't really have much to comment on at the moment. I'm not one of these people who comments on lots of things. ^_^;;;

Can I use your artwork on my site?
In a word, no. In a paragraph, No, I do not want people using artwork without my permission regardless of their intentions of usage (weather it would be for non-profit or commerical gain or any other purpose). I will come down hard on people who do ignore me and do use my artwork without their permission. (see the home page to what I will do if you do take my artwork and use it without my permission).
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