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Welcome to Kirinji's Pad!
Welcome to Kirinji's Pad, the home of Kirinji obviously. Kirinji's Pad currently contains only my Artwork and Opinions, my Artwork page contains my (rubbish) artwork which I usually do in my spare and my opinion corner usually has my comments (and rants) on several things...

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Eh? Info about Kirinji

Have a look at the About me (which contain pretty much useless info anyway ^_^;;;) if you want to know a tiny bit more about me! ^_^

Catgirl, the site's mascot! Other Pages

There are also other small pages of intrest which you may wish to take a look at, there's a page about the site and a page all about the site's mascot.

Copyright Notice

Please do not use articles from the opinion section of this website without the permission of Kirinji. Once permission is granted you may re-produce it on your site so long as the copyright part is shown (and that's "Copyright (©)2002 Steve Brokenshire").

Do not link or use the artwork on this website, If I do catch you using my artwork on your site (without permission) or get notified about it, I will ask you to remove my artwork from your website, if you do not remove my artwork from your website then I will contact your web presence provider to remove my artwork from your website (this may also get your site kicked off from your web presence provider's servers).
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